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About The Author

Blah de blahblah do I sound really intelligent and sophisticated? No? Crap. Anyhoo, I scarfed down half a tub of onion and chive cheese dip trying to come up with a quote for this. Okay, I gotta end strong, um...cheese...clogging's random word of the day is: Bunion! Nailed it!

⎯Richmond Lewis, Stark Raving Naked

Richmond Lewis has been writing since he was a child, mostly naughty limericks and Star Wars fanfic until it came time to face Reality and go to college. Richmond decided he wanted to become a journalist, but Reality intervened and gave him a bout with cancer, forcing him to drop out of school.

Oh, he and Reality laughed and laughed over that one.

Undeterred, Richmond then decided he wanted to become a comic book artist, which assured him a moneyless future and standing in breadlines. He spent three years in New Jersey earning his degree and was hired as a professional inker on such titles as Mortal Kombat and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Reality then drove by his new apartment and took a dump on his lawn, causing his comic book company to be bought out and everyone to be fired. During this time, Richmond went back to school for multimedia design and also created, illustrated, and wrote two successfully published comic strips, cementing in him a love of humor writing and absurdist comedy.

Finally fed up, Richmond went and punched Reality in her big fat face, resulting in one of his comic strips being briefly picked up by a syndicate. Richmond stood firm against Reality’s advances and was then hired by the federal government as a multimedia designer, where he still works today.

Reality and Richmond have now entered an uneasy relationship involving sloppy hookups and the occasional drunk sexting.